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8 months, 1 week

Introducing the FM Pivot Educational Initiative


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the largest and most rapid disruption to the practices and training of family physicians since the inception of our profession in the mid-20th century. It has revealed gaps in the capacity of our health care systems, but it has also led to a surge in ...

8 months, 1 week

The Besrour Centre is pleased to release Report 2020.


Discover the Besrour Centre’s major accomplishments and activities that have demonstrated commitment to fostering family medicine globally. Through involvement with the COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Impact Grant (Co-RIG) Program, support of mutual learning and knowledge exchange with the Besrour Global Café initiative, and the Family Medicine (FM) Pivot educational ...

The Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the College of Family Physicians of Canada is a hub of international collaboration dedicated to advancing family medicine globally. The purpose of the Besrour Center for Global Family Medicine community of practice project will be to exchange information, work in sub-groups and increase learnings. The Community aims to share practices, lessons learned and increase dialogue and knowledge sharing. This will allow to build networks, develop working relationships and share resources.

Our vision is to lead the way in creating a world where no one is left behind when it comes to accessing quality primary care, and our mission is to foster collaboration to advance family medicine around the world.

We will be guided by the following values:

  • Equity – by recognizing the inherent dignity of every human being and the just distribution of resources and access to marginalized and vulnerable groups
  • Justice – by ensuring that individuals and groups have fair and impartial access to the benefits of society, including the right to health
  • Excellence – by striving and adhering to the highest standards of quality, integrity, professionalism, leadership, and evidence-informed and patient-centred care
  • Reciprocity – by promoting the collaborative and multidirectional exchange of experience, knowledge, and capacity-building among partners and their communities
  • Respect – for each other’s cultures, norms, and perspectives
Spheres of Activity

1. We advance medical education & training.
We do this by:
  • Outlining the foundations of family medicine in education and health systems
  • Improving the training of generalist physicians
  • Strengthening the teaching capacity of family medicine programs
2. We advocate

We do this by:
  • Developing partnerships
  • Creating networks of experts
  • Contributing to efforts to advance social accountability
3. We foster research

We do this by:
  • Identifying and addressing the research gaps of our community members
  • Building research capacity
  • Create and disseminate knowledge created by the Besrour community