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June 24, 2016 Europe

National rollout of Healthy Life Centres in Norway

June 24, 2016 Europe

Implementing clinical audits to improve care standards in Turkey

June 24, 2016 Europe

Peer-delivered HIV/AIDS community testing and prevention services in Lisbon, Portugal

June 24, 2016 Europe

Beyond bariatric surgery: A pilot aftercare programme for bariatric patients in Germany

May 26, 2016 Americas

Enhancing primary healthcare delivery in the inner-city community in Toronto, Canada

May 23, 2016 Europe

Disparity reduction strategy in Israel’s Clalit Health Services

May 20, 2016 Europe

Strengthening local capacity to implement integrated community health services in rural Romania

May 20, 2016 Europe

Campaigning to improve obstetric care in Poland

May 19, 2016 Europe

Implementing an integrated cardiology programme in Eastern Lithuania to improve cardiovascular health

May 16, 2016 Europe

Shifting acute care delivery from hospitals to homes in Ireland