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April 17, 2020 Africa Publication

'They are inconveniencing us' - exploring how gaps in patient education and patient centred approaches interfere with TB treatment adherence: perspectives from patients and clinicians in the Free State Province, South Africa.

Tuberculosis (TB) treatment loss to follow up (LTFU) plays an important contributory role to the staggering TB epidemic in South Africa. Reasons for treatment interruption are poorly understood.Treatment interruption appears to be the culmination of poor health literacy of patients and inadequate health education provided by clinicians. Limited occupational opportunities, fear of disclosure and stigmatization all contributed to treatment LTFU. Clinicians concurred that poor patient understanding of TB and that biomedical management lacking a psycho-social dimension further exacerbated the poor treatment outcome. TB remains a social disease, the successful management of which hinges on patient-centred care.

Oct. 13, 2021 Global Publication

Person-centred care in TB

The WHO End TB Strategy includes integrated patient-centred care and prevention within one of its three pillars and has global targets aimed at ending the TB epidemic by the year 2030. Here, we describe the tensions and challenges that may undermine the approach and explore opportunities to align person-centred care with other health system goals.