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Feb. 23, 2019 Europe Event

International Summer School Integrated Care (ISSIC)

Integrated care is gradually moving out of its niche and into the focus of decision makers, clinicians and managers around the world. This has also spiked interest in how theories, concepts and components of integrated care can be operationalized and successfully implemented in practice. While there is now sufficient evidence available to support the introduction of integrated care in principle, still many question marks remain around the contextualization and evaluation of such initiatives. In addition, the move from disease-focused to population management approaches including active participation of patients and communities further adds to the complexities. This year’s summer school will discuss all of these challenges with leaders in this field whilst also introducing participants to a new module on leadership and managing change.

June 15, 2022 Global Event

Summer School Population Health Management 2022 (online)

Are you interested in a more proactive approach in health care? Do you want a key role in a more integrated health care system? Then this Summer School is a good introduction. It offers a thorough overview of the various components in Population Health Management.

An ageing population, epidemiological challenges, rising healthcare costs, and technical developments in the medical sector are some of the topics that will be covered during the 5 day Summer School (from 4 until 8 July 2022) on Population Health Management. You will learn strategies and acquire new competences to understand and deal with these current issues and developments in healthcare.

Join the Summer School Population Health Management 2022 for an inspiring and scientific introduction to the fundamentals of Population Health Management at the LUMC-Campus The Hague  for professionals (and students) working in and around healthcare. The keynote speakers and professors during the course are experts ...