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March 2, 2020 Europe Publication

Levers for integrating social work into primary healthcare networks in Austria

The integrated healthcare of patients with support needs in primary healthcare in Austria has insufficient structural and procedural features in terms of the quality and security of care. The aim is therefore to develop solution- and patient-oriented services that take into account both the patients’ requirements as well as the medical, nursing, therapeutic and economic perspectives. 

April 2, 2020 Europe Publication

A model of integrated care of residents with dementia - A case of innovation in long-term with accomodation in Slovenia

In all parts of the world, the number of people with dementia is on the increase and dementia is becoming more and more of a challenge for social work, too. In the countries with well-developed care for older people, dementia is part of longterm care; therefore, it is essential to develop new methods of care also in the homes for older people that provide long-term care. Among the innovative forms of care, there is a model of integrated care, based on social work concepts. This model is presented through the case of care for the residents with dementia in one of the old people’s homes in Slovenia. The integrated care of residents with dementia puts an individual at the centre of care provided by the experts employed there. The resident of old people’s home and an expert there create a
partnership in which they seek out solutions stemming ...

Oct. 1, 2021 Americas Publication

Social work student reflections on training in integrated care: opportunities for social work educators

Integrated care, an approach designed to improve health/ behavioral health outcomes and increase quality of life, has received international interest. Given the important roles social workers play in this approach, American universities have begun novel training programs to better prepare social workers to work in integrated care. The aim of this study is to better understand the experiences of recent MSW trainees, and how they can inform future educational/ training programs. Focus groups of MSW students who recently completed integrated care training programs were conducted (N = 9). Content analysis of the focus group data resulted in three main themes: Gaps in Knowledge about Integrated Care, Developing Professional Identity on a Team, and Adaptation of Core Social Work Skills. Student feedback aligns with current literature, highlighting variability among placements, need for additional training resources, and value of social workers on interprofessional teams. There were also unique findings, include challenges and rewards ...

Sept. 12, 2022 Global Publication

Social workers coordination in primary healthcare for patients with complex needs: A scoping review

Care coordination has been part of social work for some time. It has been recognized as contributing to care coordination for long-term care for the elderly and mental health but less is known about their contribution in primary care with patients with complex health and social needs. As social workers are increasingly present in primary healthcare, this scoping review aims to provide a synthesis of social workers’ coordination activities for patients with complex needs in primary healthcare.

Nov. 10, 2022 Americas Publication

Social workers in integrated care beyond primary care: a scoping review

Social workers are key members of integrated care (IC) teams, yet there is limited research on the presence and roles of social workers on IC teams. Research literature from 2014 to 2021 was identified using the following search engines: Academic Search Complete, PsycINFO, CINAHL Plus, SocINDEX and MEDLINE. An exploratory search was conducted in January 2021 and an updated search was conducted in August 2021. This search resulted in 802 references, 50 of which met criteria for full-text review. Nine articles were identified through supplemental searching. 20 articles were included in the final review. Of the 20 studies included, most were randomized control trials (45%; n = 9). Studies varied across settings including specialty care (40%; n = 8), community-based practices (35%; n = 7), and primary care (25%; n = 5). Social workers engaged in a variety of roles including behavioral interventions, care coordination, and intake assessment. Social workers are engaged in IC ...

July 6, 2023 Americas Publication

When the Note Doesn't Fit: Social Workers Documenting in the Electronic Health Record on Integrated Health Teams

A qualitative study was conducted to understand how social workers document their work in the electronic health record (EHR) in integrated primary care settings. Three themes emerged from the analysis of the focus groups: 1) considerable variability in where and how social workers document their practice within the EHR; 2) EHR functions are not designed for social work practice; and 3) EHR documentation practices as helpful for demonstrating social workers’ contributions to other integrated care team members. Education, training, and EHR adaptations are needed as social workers and other nontraditional healthcare providers continue to partake in team-based service delivery, especially in integrated primary care.