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Dec. 9, 2016 Global Publication

Understanding the role of community hospitals: an analysis of experiences in five countries

A policy focus on moving heathcare closer to people´s homes has led to renewed interest in community hospitals and their potential role in delivering more integrated care at local level, but models and approaches differ across countries. 

This study explores the policy drivers behind the implementation or advancement of these models; their function and role within the wider system of service provision; and the degree to which community hospitals contribute to enhanced integration of service delivery and benefit the population. 

Oct. 31, 2017 Americas Publication

Global collaborative healthcare: assessing the resource requirements at a leading Academic Medical Center

Academic Medical Centers ("AMCs") have served as a hub of the United States ("US") health system and represented the state-of-the art in American health care for well over century. Currently, the AMCs have engaged in global collaborative healthcare, employing different models based on services offered, global distribution, and inclination to assume risk. Engaging in these collaborations requires significant effort from across the health system, and an understanding of the resources required is paramount for effective delivery and to avoid overextension and diversion from the primary mission of these organizations. 

March 24, 2022 Europe Publication

Developing an Integrated Model of Care for Veterans with Alcohol Problems

Veterans often do not present with alcohol problems in isolation, they may have a wide range of social, physical, and psychological needs.

The aim of this study was to facilitate the development of a co-designed integrated model of care for veterans with alcohol problems.