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Feb. 20, 2020

Personalised care for long-term conditions

 Living with multiple conditions

Mary, aged 76, has diabetes, arthritis, and macular degeneration, and she’s feeling low. She recently lost her husband, Frank, who died after a long period of dementia. She cared for him devotedly for many years, but this occupied most of her time and energy and took a heavy toll on her health and wellbeing.

Mary’s GP reminds her to attend the local diabetes clinic. The specialist nurses are concerned about her test results and urge her to try to eat a healthier diet and take more exercise. Mary nods, but in her heart knows that this advice will be difficult to follow. Her knees are painful, her eyesight is deteriorating, the local shops don’t sell much in the way of healthy food, and she doesn’t feel confident to travel far on her own.

As populations age, increasing numbers of people live with ...

Feb. 19, 2021

Consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown in patients with chronic diseases in Andalusia

COVID-19 affects individuals in different ways. Most infected patients develop a mild to moderate form of the disease and recover without hospitalization but adults of any age living with chronic conditions have an increased risk of serious symptoms and severe form of illness. Based on current evidence, conditions that increase risk include asthma, hypertension or high blood pressure, overweight or type 1 diabetes mellitus (ECDC, 2020). The threat to these patients is twofold, forcing them to avoid infection at the same time as their care routines are affected by the health protection measures put in place by governments. A better understanding of those impacts helps health systems to prepare adequately to provide patient-centered care during the pandemic.

A new study conducted by our team of the “School of Patients” researchers, has systematically explored these insights throught the stories of 34 chronically ill persons from the Andalusian region, at the South ...