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Nov. 4, 2021 Americas Publication

Interventions to Improve Clinical Coordination between Levels: Participatory Experience in a Public Healthcare Network in Xalapa, Mexico

Coordination of care can be improved through an intervention or a combination of several ones. In addition, it is recommended to encourage the active involvement of professionals in the design, implementation and assessment of coordination mechanisms. The involvement of professionals in designing the interventions, as well as institutional support and reflexive methods for training, all decisively improved clinical coordination between levels.

Jan. 20, 2022 Europe Publication

Terms of engagement for working with patients in a person-centred partnership: A secondary analysis of qualitative data

Evidence is emerging of the potential of person-centred approaches to create partnerships between professionals and patients while also containing healthcare costs. This is important for enhancing outcomes in individuals with complex needs, who consistently report poor experiences with care. The shift towards person-centred care (PCC) is, however, a radical departure from the norm, with increased expectations of both professional and patient.