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May 24, 2018 Western Pacific Publication

Professional Identity Crisis in the Integrated Care Era

This poster reviews and summarize literature on the history of counseling psycology in integrated health care. Next, it will make a case for the necessity of including counseling psychologists´ meaningful contribution to integrated care. Then, using counseling psychology literature, it will demonstrate how integrated health care is consistent with our professional identity as counseling psychologists should be mindful while in the integrated care settings.

Dec. 12, 2016 Global Publication

From vision to action. Making patient-centred care a reality

The NHS have worked with The King´s Fund to translate their themes into outcomes for patients and set out the most important priorities for action to achieve these outcomes. Under each of their five themes: 

- Co-ordinated care

- Patients engaged decisions about their care

- Supported self-management

- Prevention, early diagnosis and intervention

- Emotional, psychological and practical support

they have described the outcomes that they most want to achieve for patients. In order to achieve these outcomes, they hace then selected the service improvements that, if met, will have a major impact on the quality and cost-effectiveness of care.