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June 24, 2016 Europe Practice

Peer-delivered HIV/AIDS community testing and prevention services in Lisbon, Portugal

A community centre was opened in Lisbon to provide free, anonymous and peer-delivered HIV testing and prevention services targeted to the MSM community; generating political buy-in took considerable time and was described as a “long and persuasive process” with a need to “repeat the message endless times”; strong grassroots advocacy and persistent lobbying efforts by a patient organization were essential for securing funding; incorporating the target population in the provision of services helped ensure wider community engagement and trust; absence of a formal legislative framework and financial incentives required partnerships with self-motivated health professionals to be sought out.

Oct. 4, 2016 Europe Practice

Integrating nutrition programmes in primary care in Kyrgyzstan

A programme to distribute micronutrient sprinkles, locally known as “Gulazyk”, was introduced with donor support. Following successful piloting of the programme, activities were scaled up nationally in 2011; aligning with existing infrastructure and services helped support and stabilize reforms implemented under the initiative; building trust between primary care providers and patients was essential for ensuring uptake of micronutrient supplementation; community health volunteers aided trust building; developing a consistent message across all providers, even those not directly involved with the initiative, safeguarded changes against being undermined at different care levels; encouraging participation of mothers and community members proved valuable in overcoming challenges of potential non-compliance.