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Nov. 24, 2017 Europe Publication

Project INTEGRATE: Lessons for Policy, Management and Implementation of Integrated Care in Europe

Project INTEGRATE aims to gain valuable insights into the leadership, management and delivery of integrated care to support European care systems to respond to the challenges of ageing populations and the rise of people living with long-term chronic conditions.

This project has already examined four case studies of best practices of integrated care in Europe, in the areas of COPD, Mental Health, Geriatric Conditions and Diabetes, that have had a proven impact in terms of improving patient experiences, generating better care outcomes and providing cost-effectiveness. The key aim of this part of the research was to define what constitutes good quality integrated care provision, and how integrated care systems can most effectively be built. In Phase 2 of the research, the project considered the cross-cutting themes process design, service delivery, skill mix, patient involvement, financial flows, regulatory conditions, and enabling information technologies in order to create connectivity, alignment and collaboration ...

Feb. 19, 2021

Consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown in patients with chronic diseases in Andalusia

COVID-19 affects individuals in different ways. Most infected patients develop a mild to moderate form of the disease and recover without hospitalization but adults of any age living with chronic conditions have an increased risk of serious symptoms and severe form of illness. Based on current evidence, conditions that increase risk include asthma, hypertension or high blood pressure, overweight or type 1 diabetes mellitus (ECDC, 2020). The threat to these patients is twofold, forcing them to avoid infection at the same time as their care routines are affected by the health protection measures put in place by governments. A better understanding of those impacts helps health systems to prepare adequately to provide patient-centered care during the pandemic.

A new study conducted by our team of the “School of Patients” researchers, has systematically explored these insights throught the stories of 34 chronically ill persons from the Andalusian region, at the South ...