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Sept. 30, 2020 Europe Publication

Integrated and patient-centred management of Parkinson’s disease: a network model for reshaping chronic neurological care

Chronic neurological diseases are the leading cause of disability globally. Yet, our health-care systems are not designed to meet the needs of many patients with chronic neurological conditions. Care is fragmented with poor interdisciplinary collaboration and lack of timely access to services and therapies. Furthermore, care is typically reactive, and complex problems are managed inadequately because of a scarcity of disease-specific expertise and insufficient use of nonpharmacological interventions. Treatment plans tend to focus on the disease rather than the individual living with it, and patients are often not involved in clinical decision making. By use of Parkinson’s disease as a model condition, this article show an integrated care concept with a patient-centred perspective that includes evidence-based solutions to improve healthcare delivery for people with chronic neurological conditions.


July 27, 2023 Europe Publication

Personalized Integrated Care Promoting Quality of Life for Older People: Protocol for a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

Alzheimer disease (AD) and Parkinson disease (PD) are the 2 most common neurodegenerative diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. The Personalized Integrated Care Promoting Quality of Life for Older People (PC4L) project proposes an integrated, scalable, and interactive care ecosystem that can be easily adapted to the needs of several neurodegenerative and chronic diseases, care institutions, and end user requirements.