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Nov. 28, 2018 South-East Asia Publication

Health care expenditure and health outcome nexus: new evidence from the SAARC-ASEAN region

The total health expenditure (as a percentage of GDP) and health outcomes in the region of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and Association for South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) are lower than that of the OECD region and the world. This study investigated the relationship between different types of healthcare expenditures (public, private and total) and three main health status outcomes - life expectancy at birth, crude death rate and infant mortality rate - in the region.

Nov. 23, 2022 Global Publication

Analysis of Variation in Organizational Definitions of Primary Care Panels: A Systematic Review

Primary care panel size plays an increasing role in measuring primary care providers (ie, physicians and advanced practice providers, which include nurse practitioners and physician assistants) workload, setting practice capacity, and determining pay and can influence the quality of care, access, and burnout. However, reported panel sizes vary widely.

This systematic review aims to identify how panels are defined, the degree of variation in these definitions, the consequences of different definitions of panel size, and research on the strengths of different approaches.