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May 27, 2016 Africa, Americas, South-East Asia, Global Partner

USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project

The USAID ASSIST Project is a five-year cooperative agreement of the Office of Health Systems of the USAID Global Health Bureau designed to achieve measurable improvements in health care and social services in USAID-assisted countries. The project supports the application of modern improvement methods by health care and social service providers at facility and community levels, by managers in both government and non-governmental organizations, and by U.S. Government-supported implementing partners. USAID ASSIST achieves sustainable results by building the capacity of host country systems to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, client-centeredness, safety, accessibility, and equity of the services they provide.

Within the project’s technical assistance, ASSIST has prioritized five principles of people-centered care that reflect the linkages between people-centered care, health systems strengthening, and universal health coverage: Respect and compassion; choice and empowerment; Access and support; Continuity and coordination of care; and Information. The project is committed to designing, testing ...