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May 20, 2016 Europe Practice

Strengthening local capacity to implement integrated community health services in rural Romania

Through strengthening leadership capacity of local leaders, the initiative hopes to improve health and social services delivery within local communities; a longstanding international partnership built from experience collaborating on other projects was important for establishing the initiative; training was necessary to strengthen the management skills of local leaders to enable them to assess, coordinate and manage delivery of health and social services orientated to community needs; integration of health, social and community services at the local level was encouraged to support a comprehensive response to community needs, particularly for underserved groups.

June 1, 2021 Europe Publication

Integrated care systems are an opportunity to reset the relationship between health services and the public

‘The more we concentrate on merely reworking our existing institutions, the more we fail to see or understand the nature of the new challenges that surround us.’
Hilary Cottam, Radical help


If there was ever a time for thinking differently about health and care, it is surely now. The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a graphic reminder that people’s health and wellbeing is shaped by the broader circumstances in which they live and the opportunities that are open to them, or not. But it has also demonstrated that people are not simply victims of circumstance – over the past 14 months many have taken matters into their own hands by helping neighbours and getting involved in community activities that support the health and wellbeing of local people.

In this context, it would be a huge missed opportunity if the development of integrated care systems (ICSs) and place-based partnerships becomes reduced ...

June 1, 2021 Global Publication

Co-Design for People-Centred Care Digital Solutions: A Literature Review

The implementation of people-centred care requires strategies that respond to local conditions and contexts, with the participation of local stakeholders in collaborative approaches such as co-design. Within this framework, the authors performed a literature review to identify the most implemented practices in health and social care services for co-designing digital solutions.