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Jan. 17, 2019 Europe Publication

Understanding inter-organizational trust among integrated care service provider networks: A perspective on organizational asymmetries

The objective was to explore the factors that influence trust among the integrated healthcare service provider network in the context of seeking combined health and care services in the UK.
Their findings reveal that trust among integrated care service provider networks is influenced by the following factors on various asymmetries: 1) recognition and knowledge asymmetries among care service partners of each other’s skills, expertise and capabilities; 2) capacity and financial imbalances within the network; and 3) organizational differences in management, culture and attitudes toward change.

March 19, 2019 Global Publication

The role of patient value and patient-centred care in health systems

Patient-centred care, with its emphasis on patient value, is a widespread health system goal. To examine the progress of the evolution towards more patient-centred health care and draw lesson for the future, the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey and interviews on patient representatives, a cohort in which IAPO was present. However, the findings show that despite some progress, especially in Europe and the US, in practice such care often remains more aspiration than reality.

Sept. 12, 2019 Africa Publication

Stakeholder Perceptions and Context of the Implementation of Performance-Based Financing in District Hospitals in Mali

To improve the performance of the healthcare system, Mali’s government implemented a pilot project of performance-based financing (PBF) in the field of reproductive health. It was established in the Koulikoro region. This research analyses the process of implementing PBF at district hospital (DH) level, something which has rarely been done in Africa.