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Sept. 22, 2016 Europe Publication

Continuity of clinical management and information across care levels: perceptions of users of different healthcare areas in the Catalan national health system

The integration of health care has become a priority in most health systems, as patients increasingly receive care from several professionals in various different settings and institutions, particularly those with chronic conditions and multi-morbidities. Continuity of care is defined as one patient experiencing care over time as connected and coherent with his or her health needs and personal circumstances. The objective is to analyse perceptions of continuity of clinical management and information across care levels and the factors influencing it, from the viewpoint of users of the Catalan national health system.

Care continuity across care levels is experienced by patients in the areas studied, with certain exceptions that highlight where there is room for improvement. Influencing factors offer valuable insights on where to direct coordination efforts.


April 14, 2018 South-East Asia Publication

‘We have the internet in our hands’: Bangladeshi college students’ use of ICTs for health information

Innovations in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), and especially mobile health, have been predicted to transform provider-patient relationships through the dissemination of health information, and by encouraging patient autonomy , self-management, and self-care. People´s capacity to access health information is informed by power inequalities in health systems.