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July 26, 2017 South-East Asia Publication

Out-of-Pocket and Informal Payment Before and After the Health Transformation Plan in Iran: Evidence from Hospitals Located in Kurdistan, Iran

One of the objetives of the health transformation plan (HTP) in Iran is to reduce out-of-pocket (OOP) payments for inpatient services and eradicate informal payments. The HTP has three phases: the first phase is focused on reducing OOP payments for inpatient services; the second phase is focused on primary healthcare (PHC) and the third phase utilizes an updated relative value units for health services and is focused on the elimination of informal payments. This aim of this study was to determine the OOP payments and the frecuency on informal cash payments to physicians for inpatient services before and after the HTP in Kurdistan province, Iran. 

April 18, 2019 Africa Publication

Community health extension program of Ethiopia, 2003–2018: successes and challenges toward universal coverage for primary healthcare services