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Sept. 23, 2021 Europe Publication

Integrated care: easy in theory, harder in practice?

Integrated care (IC) is a term now commonly adopted across the world, which implies a positive attitude towards addressing fragmentation of service provision inside health systems. While the principles of IC are simple, their implementation is more controversial. The ever growing number of IC definitions is related to the increasing domains of applications, which reflect the increasing demand induced by ageing multi-morbid patients. An exhaustive definition of IC should now enclose the coordination of health and social services useful to deliver seamless care across organizational boundaries. The current debate on IC is largely fueled by the modern mismatch between the growing burden of health needs for chronic conditions from the demand side and the design of health systems still largely centered on acute care from the supply side. The major reasons of persisting IC weakness in Western European nations stem from arguable choices of health policy taken in a quite ...

Sept. 20, 2022 Europe, Global Event

EHFG 2022: A moonshot for a true European Health Union. If not now, when?

Under the patronage of the Austrian Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen, the European Health Forum Gastein will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022 and take stock of the substantial accomplishments in public health over the last quarter century. At the same time, we will look forward and discuss the challenges and policy options for action urgently needed across sectors, borders, and disciplines at this watershed moment for health, security, and solidarity. This is the window of opportunity to co-create a true European Health Union! “Building forward better” requires fundamental transformation of the way our societies operate – and this can only be achieved through peace in Europe, supported by political will, collaboration, and unity.


Only by shooting for the moon and leaving “business as usual” firmly in the past do we stand a chance of succeeding in our ...