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Aug. 31, 2020 Europe Publication

Collaborative Experience Success Stories in Integrated Care of Older People: A Narrative Analysis

Inter-organisational collaboration is crucial in the care of older people, as is the development of integrated care. Storytelling in organisations is one way of understanding how to achieve successful collaboration. This article provides insights into the ways in which storytelling in collaborative experiences contributes to a collective identity instrumental in the successful collaborations involved in integrated care for older people.

Sept. 14, 2020 Global Publication

Integrated older people care and advanced practice nursing: an evidence-based review.

The world's population is aging rapidly. This is a fact, and the demand for services adapted to this new reality is increasingly necessary. The World Health Organization has proposed an integrative strategy centered on people. Here present a systematic review of strategies that address the care of older adults with the integrated care-centered approach to people.

Feb. 20, 2023 Europe Publication

Construct Validation of the Rainbow Model of Integrated Care Measurement Tool in Dutch Primary Care for Older Adults

are integration in primary elderly care is suboptimal. Validated instruments are needed to enable the implementation of integrated primary care. We aimed to assess construct validity of the Rainbow Model of Integrated Care measurement tool (RMIC-MT) for healthcare professionals working in an integrated primary elderly care setting in the Netherlands.