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Jan. 17, 2017 Global Publication

Intruments measuring integrated care: A systematic review of measurement properties

Integrated care is an important strategy for increasing health system preformance. Despite its growing significance, detailed evidence on the measurement properties of integrated care instruments remains vague an limited. This systematic review found 209 index instruments measuring different constructs related to integrated care which suggest that the quality of measurement properties of instruments measuring integrate care is in need of improvement with the less-studied constructs and domains to become part of newly developed instruments. 

Oct. 3, 2019 Europe Publication

The evolution of family-centered care: From supporting parent-delivered interventions to a model of family integrated care

There is increasing recognition that parents play a critical role in promoting the health outcomes of low birthweight and preterm infants. Despite a large body of literature on interventions and models to support family engagement in infant care, parent involvement in the delivery of care for such infants is still restricted in many neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). This article proposes a taxonomy for classifying parent-focused NICU interventions and parent-partnered care models to aid researchers, clinical teams, and health systems to evaluate existing and future approaches to care. The proposed framework has three levels: interventions to support parents, parent-delivered interventions, and multidimensional models of NICU care that explicitly incorporate parents and partners in the care of their preterm or low birthweight infant.