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Aug. 28, 2017 Europe Publication

Client-centredness of government primary health-care services in the Gaza Strip, occupied Palestinian territory: a cross-sectional study

Client-centred services respond to clients' needs and involve them in the provision of health-care services to achieve improved health outcomes. We aimed to assess the extent to which governmental primary health-care services in the Gaza Strip are client-centred, from the clients' perspectives.

March 25, 2018 Africa Publication

The perceived impact of family physicians on the district health system in South Africa: a cross-sectional survey

The 2008 World Health Report "Primary Health Care-Now More Than Ever" defines strong Primary Health Care (PHC) systems as those systems which offer first contact care that is patient-centred with an orientation to the patient´s family and community context, embedded in a service that is comprehensive, integrated, continuos, and community-orientated, and in which patient-care is well co-ordinated. This report warned against oversimplified approaches to PHC in developing countries, which only focus on priority deseases or rely on unsupported health workers who are poorly equipped for the complexity of PHC. The World Health Assembly supports the report´s recommendation that PHC should be offered by a multidisciplinary team that includes a family physician. 

April 25, 2018 Africa Publication

The Influence of Family Physicians Within the South African District Health System: A Cross-Sectional Study

Evidence of the influence of family physicians on health care is required to assist managers and policy makers with human resource planning in Africa. The International argument for family physicians derives mainly from research in high-income countries, so this study aimed to evaluate the influence of family physicians on the South African district health system. 

May 9, 2018 Europe Publication

Participation in medical activities beyond standard consultations by Swiss general practitioners: a cross-sectional study

Few data exist to support the observation that general practitioners (GPs) occupy many important positions in our communities or to characterize which GPs devote more of their time to such activities. We sought to characterize community-based complementary medical activities performed by GPs in the canton Vaud, Switzerland.

Sept. 16, 2018 Africa Publication

Implementing health care reform: implications for performance of public hospitals in central Ethiopia

Understanding the way health care reforms have succeeded or failed thus far would help policy makers cater continued reformefforts in the future and provides insight into possible levels of improvementin the health care system. This work aims to assess and describe the implications of health care reform on the performance of public hospitals in central Ethiopia.

Dec. 20, 2019 Americas Publication

Evaluation of the primary care for chronic diseases in the high coverage context of the Family Health Strategy

This cross-sectional study evaluated the adequacy of the Family Health Strategy for the primary care model for chronic noncommunicable diseases and the changes that occurred between the two cycles of external evaluations of the National Program for Improving Access and Quality of Primary Care, which took place in 2012 and 2014, in the higher coverage context of the Family Health Strategy of Brazil, in the state of Tocantins, Brazil.