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Jan. 14, 2016 Americas Publication

Integrated health systems and cost: accountability and price control are also important.

Integrated Health Services are frequently thought as a tool to decrease healthcare-related costs, specially in systems with a high level of fragmentation. In the US healthcare system reform, Medicare has often been used as a reference point of the overall health expenditure. In this post, this hypothesis is analysed according to a recent article from the National Bureau of Economic Research ("The Price Ain’t Right? Hospital Prices and Health Spending on the Privately Insured") where the authors review the costs of 306 Hospital Referral Regions in the US, showing a big discordance between Medicare costs and overall costs.

In the analysis of Josh Freeman it is said that the dominant position of some integrated health services in some regions is used to perform very efficient healthcare provission in the Medicare level but also to increase the rates to private insurers.

May 26, 2016 Americas Publication

Era 3 for Medicine and Health Care

In this Viewpoint, Berwick discusses 2 “eras” of the medical profession and offers changes that would be useful to move into a new “moral era.”

Constant conflict roils the health care landscape, including issues related to the Affordable Care Act, electronic health records, payment changes, and consolidation of hospitals and health plans. The morale of physicians and other clinicians is in jeopardy.

April 8, 2021 Americas Publication

The Affordable Care Act: policy predictors of integrated care between Hispanic-serving and mainstream mental health organizations

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act increased funding for integrated care to improve access to quality health care among underserved populations. There is evidence that integrated care decreases inequities in access and quality of mental health care among Hispanic clients. Increasing integrated care at Hispanic-Serving Organizations may help to eliminate mental health service disparities among Hispanic clients.