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Oct. 30, 2017 Europe Event

Enhanced health in care homes: Lessons from good practice on embedding integrated care

This conference is for care home providers, health care providers, and commissioners who are thinking through how to improve the quality of life and health care for people living in care homes. It will share lessons from the six vanguards for enhanced health in care homes, and other local examples of good practice, to enable attendees to learn from initiatives that have worked well and can be replicated across the country.

Dec. 11, 2017 Europe Publication

Enhanced health in care homes: learning from experiences so far

Enhanced health in care homes can be achieved by close co-ordination between care homes and the range of health services required to meet the needs of older people living in the care homes. When these services work closely together – for example, through regular GP visits to care homes and regular comprehensive assessments – they can actively promote good health rather than just reacting to ill health.