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June 13, 2016

Health Equity Assessment Toolkit (HEAT)

Region: Global Toolkit Strengthening governance and accountability, Creating an enabling environment Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)

The WHO has developed the Health Equity Assessment Toolkit (HEAT), a software application for use on desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices, to facilitate the assessment of within-country health inequalities. HEAT is organized around two main components:

  • Explore inequality, which enables users to explore the situation in one country of interest to determine the latest situation of inequality and the change in inequalities over time.
  • Compare inequality, which enables users to benchmark, i.e. compare the situation in one country of interest with the situation in other countries.

Inequalities can be assessed using disaggregated data and summary measures that are visualized in a variety of interactive ways, including tables and graphs. Customized results can be exported and saved in different formats.