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Dec. 12, 2016 Europe Publication

Person-centred care made simple

There are growing numbers of older people and people living with long-term conditions and disabilities. At the same time, health and social care budgets are under increasing pressure. If the high quality care that affords people the best possible quality of life needs to be provide, it needs to rethink the relationship between people and the services that provide their care. 

This guide seeks to provide a quick overview of person centred care. It is wirtten for anyone interested in health and health care, including health care professionals and those who use the NHS.

Dec. 21, 2021 Americas Publication

Person-centered care practices in nursing homes: Staff perceptions and the organizational environment

Person-centered care (PCC) is considered the standard to assure quality of care and quality of life in long-term care, benefiting both residents and staff. This study examines the associations between nursing home staff perceptions of person-centered care practices, the organizational system, and work-related attitudes.