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July 19, 2017 Global Publication

A new paradigm on health care accountability to improve the quality of the system: four parameters to achieve individual and collective accountability

Healthcare systems the world over are facing significant financial pressures and growing demands for services. Many nations have therefore set common goal of improving the population´s health, the quality of the outcomes, and the containment of costs. So, these changes in the health care systems´priorities have set the ground for an interdisciplinary approach necessary to assess the activities of health care professionals and, in general, of health care systems. 

Oct. 3, 2018 Western Pacific Publication

A review of the hours dedicated to oral health education in medical programmes across Australia.

Oral health is an important predictor for general health, and poor oral health is interrelated with the manifestations of systemic disease.To determine the extent of oral health education in medical schools across Australia, in this study participants were administrators and curricula coordinators of medical programmes. The main outcome measures were teaching hours of specific areas of oral health education. Data were descriptively analysed. The results indicate that Australian medical school graduates have little, if any, foundational knowledge of oral health (dental caries, bidirectional relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease, oral cancer and dental emergencies). The recognition of poor oral health plays a significant part in the early detection and care of chronic diseases. The teaching of fundamental oral health to medical students is crucial and should be integrated into medical school curricula.