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May 23, 2016 Africa

Community of Practice Health Service Delivery (CoP HSD)

The CoP HSD functions under the umbrella of Harmonization for Health in Africa Initiative.

It aims to improve the performance of the local health systems (health districts) through quality health service provision.

It is an open network that brings together national and international health professionals, managers, policymakers, researchers and donors working in or for sub-Saharan Africa in particular and low- and middle-income countries in general.

It creates a platform where experts can share their experiences, knowledge, literature, and best practices in the field of health service delivery.

It helps local health actors to provide quality health care.

The expected results are the empowerment of local actors and the building of strong local health systems for better responding to the needs of the population.

Our tools, published in English and French are a blog, a Newsletter (also available in French), an online discussion forum, collaborative projects and research.

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April 2, 2018 Africa Publication

The complex challenge of providing patient-centred perinatal healthcare in rural Uganda:A qualitative enquiry

Increasing research and reflections on quality of healthcare across the perinatal period slowly propels the global community to lobby for improved standards of quality perinatal healthcare, especially in low-and- middle- income countries. 

The purpose of this qualitative study was to obtain a deeper understanding of how interpersonal dimensions of the quality of care relate to real-life experiences of perinatal care, in a resource-contrained local health system.