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Oct. 3, 2016 South-East Asia Publication

Determinants of basic public health services provision by village doctors in China: using non-communicable diseases management as an example

To ensure equity and accessibility of public health care in rural areas, the Chinese central government has launched a series of policies to motivate village doctors to provide basic public health services. Using chronic disease management and prevention as an example, this study aims to identify factors associated with village doctors’ basic public health services provision and to formulate targeted interventions in rural China.

Increasing public health care subsidies received by individual village doctors, availability and attendance of training opportunities, and integrated management and New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS), a government-run voluntary insurance program for rural residents, contracting of village clinics are important factors in increasing basic public health services for chronic diseases provision in rural areas.

March 13, 2019 Global Publication

A compendium of tools and resources for improving the quality of health services

In an attempt to consolidate the work of the WHO Department of Service Delivery and Safety (SDS) on quality improvement, a SDS cross-cut team has produced a compendium of tools and resources on quality improvement, developed within the SDS, that are applicable for country support. It includes resources on IPCHS and community engagement among others. It also includes practical examples of how the tools and resources have been applied in-country, including relevant links with other areas, such as measurement.  Ministries of health, facility quality improvement teams, researchers, development agencies and any organization or individual working to improve the quality of health service delivery can benefit from this compendium.