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July 26, 2017 Western Pacific Publication

Integrated care in practice – the South Eastern Sydney experience

July 25, 2017 Europe Publication

The degree of integration of non-dispensing pharmacists in primary care practice and the impact on health outcomes: A systematic review

July 5, 2017 Global Publication

The SELFIE framework for integrated care for multi-morbidity: Development and description

July 4, 2017 Africa Publication

Integration of community home based care programmes within national primary health care revitalisation strategies in Ethiopia, Malawi, South-Africa and Zambia: a comparative assessment

July 4, 2017 Americas, Western Pacific Publication

“On the Margins and Not the Mainstream": Case Selection for the Implementation of Community based Primary Health Care in Canada and New Zealand

July 4, 2017 Europe Publication

Case Management for Patients with Complex Multimorbidity: Development and Validation of a Coordinated Intervention between Primary and Hospital Care

July 1, 2017 Europe Publication

The Impact of Integrated Psychological Services in a Safety Net Primary Care Clinic on Medical Utilization

July 1, 2017 Global Publication

Integrated Person-Centered Health Care for All Women During Pregnancy: Implementing World Health Organization Recommendations on Antenatal Care for a Positive Pregnancy Experience