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Oct. 31, 2017 Global Publication

A scoping review of mentorship of health personnel to improve the quality of health care in low and middle-income countries

Most Low and Middle-Income Countries are facing a crisis in human resources for health which compromises their ability to meet health related targets outline by the Sustainable Development Goals. The crisis is not limited to the availability of health personnel but also the quality of care and the training and development of the workforce. To address these challenges evidence based education strategies are urgently required. 

Dec. 17, 2021 Europe Publication

Proposals for person-centred care in the COVID-19 era. Delphi study

In this COVID-19 era, we need to rethink the criteria used to measure the results of person-centred care strategies. The objective of this study is to identify priorities, and criteria that health services can use to pursue actually the goal of achieving person-centred care.

April 24, 2023 Global Publication

8 Elements of person-centred care of older people in primary healthcare: a systematic literature review with thematic analysis

Higher life expectancy in the ageing population and, consequently, anincrease in the older population bring additional challenges for healthcare pro-viders, especially in primary healthcare. The person-centred care of older people isdefined as an approach that puts older people at the centre of care and recognizesthe importance of their needs. The chapter aims to identify the key elements of per-son-centred care for older people, in primary healthcare.