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April 24, 2021 Europe Publication

General Practitioners and Community Pharmacists’ Collaboration in Primary Care: Small Steps for a Major Change

Healthcare authorities worldwide search for ways to develop integrated care and interprofessional collaboration. In Belgium, Medical-Pharmaceutical Concertation (MPC) was introduced as a format to promote constructive dialogues between GPs and community pharmacists (CPs) with a focus on pharmacotherapy.

This study aimed to evaluate the implementation of MPC from the perspective of healthcare authorities and GPs/CPs.

Aug. 29, 2022 Europe Publication

The principles of person-centredness in quality patient care-Evaluation of the Community Pharmacy Services Quality Guidelines in Estonia

Person-centredness is considered a key component of quality healthcare and the core competence of all healthcare professionals. However, person-centred care (PCC) is not often considered a priority for improving the quality of healthcare. This study aimed to evaluate to what extent the PCC principles are included in the Community Pharmacy Services Quality Guidelines (CPSQG) in Estonia.