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Aug. 29, 2017 South-East Asia Publication

Developing accountable care systems: lessons from Canterbury, New Zealand

The health system in Canterbury, New Zealand, has undertaken a significant programme of transformation over the past decade. As a result of the changes, the health system is supporting more people in their homes and communities and has moderated demand for hospital care, particularly among older people. Change was achieved through developing a number of new delivery models, which involve better integration of care across organisational and service boundaries, increased investment in community-based services, and strengthening primary care. The experience in Canterbury offers useful lessons for the NHS in terms of how to redesign care in this way. Key approaches include the development of a clear, unifying vision of ‘one system, one budget’; sustained investment in giving staff skills to support them to innovate and giving them permission to do so; and developing new models of integrated working and new forms of contracting to support this. The transformation has taken ...

Sept. 5, 2017 Global Event

The Kings Fund: Learning from new care models here and abroad - Making accountable care happen

Whether you’re working on developing new care models, sustainability and transformation partnerships or accountable care systems, this event will provide valuable lessons to help you overcome the issues you face as you work towards integrating health and care services.

Why you should attend

A mixture of practical, hands on, expert advice, and inspirational case studies from some of the most innovative examples of integrated care.

Lessons from international health systems

Come and learn from leaders of international health systems that have undergone whole-system change. Pioneering international examples – including the health system in Canterbury, New Zealand, and Nuka system of care in Alaska, US – will share learning to help you on your journey towards accountable care.

Understand your local context

Explore the importance of understanding the local context when shaping your approach. Experts in our policy and leadership and organisational development teams will facilitate sessions to help you think about ...